Corporate Planning Services

You know that successfully managing your business and protecting everything that matters to you is a challenge. 

This is where the Bower Corporate Planners can help. Our experts will help make the most of your hard-earned wealth and look after all your interests in the process. 


Corporate planning, when carried out properly and thoroughly, will empower you to meet your financial goals and still protect everything you’ve worked so hard for. 

This goes beyond simply looking after your company. Your personal and family life (and security) are all dependent on the successful financial management of your business. 

At Bower Wealth, we are business owners too, so we completely understand and appreciate the pressures you are under – and the responsibilities you face – in running your own business. 

This practical insight and financial experience helps us provide the most effective, secure and relevant Corporate Planning roadmap. 

To help us do this, we will: 

  • Carry out a deep review of your personal and business finances 
  • Establish a plan for the future of your business, including any transition periods 
  • Release money from your business as efficiently as possible, if needed 
  • Ensure business protection is in place to secure you and your family’s future 
  • Produce a Corporate Planning roadmap to help you achieve your retirement goals 

Our relationship is always with you, not your money. This helps avoid conflicts of interest and ensures you are at the centre of everything we do. It is also worth noting that many of our corporate planning clients also sit on our advisory board, and they have a real impact on how we deliver the best experiences to everyone who works with us.  


1. Initial consultation

We will get to know one another during a free initial consultation. This is where you can ask us questions and raise any concerns at the beginning of the process.  

2. Uncovering your aspirations   

We will discuss your current wealth and future goals. During this phase, we will also take the opportunity to collect as much supporting documentation as possible.   

3. Death and (efficient) taxes 

Our corporate tax planning advisers will go through how you – personally and as a business – can operate as tax-efficiently as possible, utilising all the methods at our disposal. 

4. Business protection

We have a duty of care to ensure that you, your family, your business, and your employees are all protected from unforeseen circumstances. 

5. Cohesive plan

We will plan out exactly what we will do, and when, by giving you both business and personal objectives. This will culminate in an exit strategy for your eventual retirement.   

6. Living life to the fullest

One hugely important aspect to your plans is that it gives you the confidence to do the things you want to do, when you want to do them.  

Corporate planning FAQs

How can I withdraw profits from my business in a tax efficient way?   

The three most common ways to do this with a limited company is through:    
* Salary   
* Dividends   
* Pension contributions    
However, you may have left the profit in your business for liquidity or further investment. If you are thinking of selling or passing on your business, you may want to withdraw this profit. How you do this will be dependent on how much tax you want to pay and how readily accessible you want this money to be.   

How do I go about putting an exit strategy together?

Having equity within a business you wish to pass on can be an exciting and nerve-wracking prospect. You may want to sell the business and need help with succession planning. Alternatively, you may prefer to withhold some equity, or even to continue working within the business. No two exit strategies are the same, so the most fitting one for you will be dependent on your wishes and your circumstances.  

Will the business remain protected for the future?

Most of the clients we speak to require some assurances that their family, business, and employees would be protected if something happened to them. Usually, this is prompted by either a client’s retirement or by unforeseen market challenges. Either way, it is always prudent to protect yourself and your business. There are many types of protection to consider, such as shareholder protection, key person protection, and loan protection.  

How much do I need to raise when selling my business for a comfortable retirement?

Part of the corporate planning process involves working out what your goals and aspirations are. Once we have a target, we can start working back to where you are now to come to a golden figure. This figure will help you set a minimum benchmark from which to sell your business. 

How do I reduce my tax bill?

Income, inheritance and capital gains tax are all consistent aspects of business ownership – but so are tax reliefs. Over the years, we have worked with many businesses, both large and small, and have been able to significantly reduce their tax liabilities.  

What should I do with the proceeds of selling my business?

There are many safe vehicles for holding large sums of money, so our clients tend to move theirs to where it is protected before we go through a planning process. This gives our clients a degree of confidence that their wealth is in a safe place until such a time as it is needed.